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About CBP 3078 Form

S. Citizenship and Immigration Services or U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to travel internationally through federally regulated ports of entry (PPEs) along with certain other documents. The CBP Form 3078 can be obtained by visiting the CBP website. You may also contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). These organizations will be able to answer any questions about the CBP Form 3078. Preparing Your Form 3078 Fill it out completely. The entire form must be completed. The name, address and other information must be legibly legible. Sign and date the paper. Make sure everyone can read the signature. Submit the completed form to a public library where it can be preserved. Do not send the completed form out. You may also submit it through the online portal. The CBP Forms 3078 can only be processed on the United States Postal Service (USPS). The Form 3078 has a self-addressed envelope. You must provide information for the applicant, so the applicant can be approved, including the applicant's country of origin, nationality, age, sex, marital status and country of citizenship or nationality. The application should specify that the alien should not be required to provide documents as a condition of admission into the United States. For example, if a non-immigrant is requesting a change of status to that of temporary visitor, as a condition of admission to a U.S. territory or possession, the applicant should provide a list of documents necessary for entry. If the Form 3078 is used for a passport renewal and any of the information requested for passport has already been provided in a previous Form 3078, you can remove the request for information for the passport renewal. If the applicant is a Canadian citizen, for example because their passport is issued by the country, do NOT include information about applying in Canada. Requesting that the CBP reconsider an adverse decision. You can request a reconsideration if the CBP denies an immigrant visa, denials are not in accord with policy or a complete application was mishandled. You can request a reconsideration if this is your first application for the visa or is denied. If you were required to provide evidence of certain information for other purposes (e.g., if the Form 3078 was rejected because of criminal or national security information) you may wish to request a second waiver.

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FAQ - Cbp 3078 Form

As prescribed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it is required in most cases to answer the question “What is the purpose of CBP 1048 Form?” by indicating the reason for the entry. If the primary purpose for entry is as a passenger, you must indicate the name and address of the passenger and the reason for the entry. Question: What is the purpose of CBP 1048 Form? Answer: To receive an import permit for your pet, and provide any required documentation (such as a certificate of ownership) in the event your pet leaves the U.S. before the permit is valid. You will still be allowed to bring the animal into the U.S. after the permit is expired. Question: My pet won't let me put it in my car. How do I get a permit to bring him across the border? Answer: Please refer to the following information concerning CORP 3078 Form: Additional Required Information for Importing Non-U.S. Domestic Animals and Animal Importation into the U.S. for more information. Question: What if the vet claims the kitten has pneumonia? Answer: A veterinarian may advise a person importing an animal with a bacterial or viral infection to delay the entry of the animal for five (5) days or keep the animal in quarantine until the illness is past or removed for observation by a medical professional. Question: Why is it necessary to complete the form as quickly as possible? Answer: The form is only meant for non-government official imports of animals and animals required to be in quarantine, for observation or treatment. Answer: CBP has made the following statements to help travelers and pet owners understand the process: The “CBP 3078 Form” is a one-time, one-time use document. It is designed to meet the requirements of the CBP “Imports” Manual, Volume 1, Chapter 14, “Pest Control.” The CBP 3078 form is not the authority for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to hold animals beyond its authority; the CBP is not responsible for animals imported, detained, or held for a different length of time due to medical complications or quarantine. You do not need to have the “CBP 3078 Form” to import animals into the United States.
In addition to the individual CBP officers who prepare the Form 3078, please ensure that the following individuals: (a) have full experience in CBP and its associated Field Offices; (b) have had extensive experience in interviewing and interrogating aliens; (c) have conducted at least one detention of an alien for whom you or your agency made a detention determination; (d) have been involved in or have conducted presently clearance investigations involving aliens or in securing information concerning aliens; and (e) have worked in one or more of the following areas: criminal investigation, immigration enforcement matters, border control matters, or a law enforcement related field office, or been an immigration consultant to a law enforcement agency. What should I do with 3078 Forms? You should keep each Form 3078 as a record of the Form's original processing. Each completed Form 3078 form, when properly completed and maintained with the appropriate information, will remain an official record reflecting the original processing, including an audit trail of the Form's processing status. For Form 3078, send Form 3078 to the following address: CBP Immigration and Customs Enforcement P.O. Box 7400 Brooklyn, New York 11202 For information about 3078, read the following section: Immigration Detention Program Processing 3078 Form Related Reports Related Publication Immigration Detention Program The following reports are not available electronically except when requested, but are available electronically by contacting your local Field Office. If you do not have access to these reports, you may submit a request to your local Field Office.
You must complete CBP 3078 Form within one year after the date of your initial CBP interview. I've passed the written exam, but still haven't received my physical exam. What's wrong with it? Your physical exam must be completed by the date on your physical exam receipt and stamped in your possession. If you don't have your physical exam receipt, you can obtain one using our Online Physical Examination Confirmation Program or contact the USCIS Call Center at. I'll never be accepted into the U.S. in any manner. Where can I go to get a green card? The USCIS Green Card Program is a voluntary program to offer immigration services in certain areas in the U.S. You can file online to apply for a green card. I want to learn more about the green card process. Where can I find answers? A guide to understanding the green card process is available. Is there any fee involved to file a green card application? There is no nonrefundable fee associated with submitting an application. Is it free to file a green card application? Yes, you can file the application online for FREE using the USCIS Online Application Center or via mail. What is the “priority class” for an immigration petition application? The priority class for an immigrant visa petition depends upon the nature of the visa petition process: General visa petition: General visa petition applications are submitted according to the following priority schedule: B3, B1, B2, B1, B4, B4, I1, I3, H₁, I5 and L1 Special visa petition: The priority class or class of persons (or group of persons) for special treatment is based on their race, nationality and other factors specified in regulations. If you qualify for special treatment for one of the above classes(BS), please see the USCIS Specialty Visas page for more information. Do I have to file another U.S. income tax return for my prior foreign income? Yes, in order to establish your claim to the foreign earned income exclusion, you must file a joint return with your spouse. The spouse filing the foreign earned income exclusion returns must also file a U.S. income tax return. Do I have to file another U.S.
Yes, you are able to customize and create your own CBP 3078 form by using the CBP Form Builder. What is the form look like? The Form uses plain text, the name, date of birth, height, weight and eyesight information of the recipient. You can easily change the font size and position of the form fields on the form. The forms are saved as an image and can be printed as a PDF file. It can also be sent to a PDF file and printed. This can be used with a different email address each time. You can choose to not have the form sent to printer, a PDF file to upload, or you can have the form sent to an email address on file. The form name in the email must be the same as the form field the form is being created in. How do I print a PDF form? You can print the PDF form using the Print function of the Print function drop-down menu. Print must be enabled in your system to be able to print PDF's. If you have the image in a folder, you can print this image from the File tab of the Print function. If the picture from a file is not visible by the image resolution, you will need to select an image in a different area on the print page. You will be able to select an image in the File Page section of the print settings which enables you to adjust the image resolution on the screen before you print it. All three of the following must be shown on your print page to print the PDF form: Images must have the display size set to 100 percent. Images must have the border set to “none.” Click to enable the border setting in your printer or ink jet printer. You can use “none,” but you will need to be sure that it is set to “none” on your printer's screen before you print. If an error is detected, the image may appear as a “File Not Found.” You can use the File tab in your printer or ink jet printer's settings to adjust the image resolution and ensure that there is a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch. To print a PDF form you must set the “display size” to 100% and click the Print button. What fonts are allowed on the form? There are only a limited number of fonts to choose from. One font is available for each font size. The “fonts” list is the same for all PDF forms.
Before you hand your CBP Form in, it may be advantageous to save a copy of it. Once you hand in your CBP Form, it is important to save your physical copy and complete the computerized version. Do I receive a check from CBP for my 3078Form submission? Yes. The U.S. Government pays a processing fee for CBP's 3078 Form. However, the CBP form is processed at no cost to you and no funds are transferred from or to your account. Your 3078 form is a legally binding document and cannot be changed. What if I don't submit my 3078form? You still must pay any tax penalties and other costs you incur. Does CBP email me with instructions if my 3078 form is submitted and approved? You will be asked to set a payment method or confirm receipt of your 3078 form. Note: We do not provide an email address for CBP's email address. Does my 3078 form need to contain my social security information? No. In order to be eligible to file electronically, you must submit a Social Security Number. Can I change my account number when it comes time to pay my tax? Yes. To change the number or account contact number on your tax return, go to: Do I have to pay any tax on the money I receive if I file electronically? No. If you submit a Form W-8BEN electronically, you are not required to pay any amount. If I use a check, do I have to send a copy of my tax return and tax form at any point? No. If you pay using a check, we will issue you a Form W-2G and you can return the form with your payment. When and how will I know if I paid my taxes using a check instead of a credit card? You would receive a credit on your refund for the amount we paid to you. The amount credited to your refund must exceed the amount of tax you owe. This is why we cannot issue a refund check for amounts smaller than the amount of tax you owe. I did not receive a credit on my check.
If there's something that we've forgotten or something is incorrect on the form, we're happy to issue a new one.
Please include either (1) a copy of the original receipt, (2) a signed statement from you that states the documents are authentic, (3) a copy of the bill of lading showing that the documents were shipped to the CBP, or (4) your copy of your visa authorization card or an acceptable affidavit that the documents are authentic. Can I use the CBP 3078 for my trip? Yes, you can use the 3078 form for your trip if you're entering the United States at the U.S.- Mexico border, but you need to include a copy of your passport if you're entering the United States from Canada (see Customs Notice C0900A8D for additional information). If you're entering Canada from another country, bring your document(s) to show your immigration officer that you have a valid visa and are allowed into Canada. If the document issued by the visa office or embassy will not be a photocopy, include: a photocopy of the valid visa, a photocopy of your valid Canadian passport A letter from an authorized embassy or consulate stating that the passport, visa and/or admission into Canada is subject to U6 and/or U7 visa control. Where can I send my CBP 3078? You can send your CBP 3078: In person, by mail, or mail it by courier. By mail in the form of check, money order or money order payable to: United States Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Archives and Records Administration 5th and K Streets NW Washington, D.C. 20559 By courier Send to: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Immigration and Customs Enforcement Operations Center 10th and U Streets, NW Washington, DC 20229 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Immigration and Citizenship Services National Archives and Records Administration 5th and K Streets NW Washington, DC 20559 By email Send email to: Can I use the CBP 3078 for my nonimmigrant visa application? Yes, you can use the CBP 3078 form for your nonimmigrant visa application.
In many cases CBP 3078 forms are simply called CBP documents, or simply CBP forms. This includes forms that are used by DHS in its enforcement and adjudication function, as well as by the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program within the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). You can also find CBP forms for various programs at the Department of Defense (DoD) and USAID. CBP Forms that are commonly distributed with other forms are shown as “Related CBP Documents.” Important Note: You need a copy of these forms if you're applying for (or updating) U.S. citizenship (green card). You will also need a DHS form if you don't already have a DHS-approved Alien Registration Card (Form I-551 or the I-94) or if your current DHS documents no longer grant lawful permanent residence. CBP 3078 Forms that Are Not Typically Used for Other Purposes CBP 3078's do not often be used for any other purpose than to complete an application for a Border Patrol officer, or DHS Form I-551. See “What Is a DHS Alien Registration Card?,” below. What Are Some Use Cases for CBP 3078 Form? Many U.S. citizens use CBP's 3078 forms to file employment and professional employment taxes; to file federal income tax returns; and to apply for and obtain immigration benefits. Some of these other use cases can be found under the “Related CBP Documents” heading.
In 2013, more than 1 million people filled out CBP Form 3078, as we describe it here. The majority of people who filled out the form for the first time, or who took it more than once, were traveling outside the country. In 2015, more than 1.1 million folks who took the form were traveling within the country. A full 89 percent of visitors to the United States in 2015 came from outside the country. And the number is expected to increase. What are the common reasons for filling out the form? In 2015, the most common reason people filled out the form was to apply for an alien visa. In 2014, the second most common reason for filling out the form was to apply for U.S. citizenship. The third most common reason, for which there were 1.3 million travelers that year, was to apply for permanent residency (permanent resident visa). In 2013, more than 1.9 million people filled out the form to apply for an immigrant visa. (For more detail, see pages 39-42 in the 2015 Annual Report.) In 2014 the fourth most common reason travelers used the form was to bring goods or merchandise over on an international train station tour. In 2013 the fifth most common reason travelers used the form was to use a port of entry to enter the United States. What happens when I fill out the form? After you fill out the form, you may receive additional information via e-mail or mail. At most ports of entry, the CBP Officer who is processing the form will ask you to provide copies of your visa, immigration documents and the documentation you provided in your application process. If you received a response to your application from one of our offices in a timely manner, you may be able to pick up an electronic copy of your application in just a few weeks. When you see that electronic copy, please carefully review the information before giving it to your travel companion or spouse or dependent. What should you do if you believe you are the victim of a crime in the U.S.? Consult a U.S. embassy directly for assistance. The Immigration and Nationality Act, passed in 1952, provides the legal authority for U.S. embassies overseas to provide the same legal protections and access to services that American citizens receive when they visit the United States.
CBP 3078 Form must be received by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) no later than the due date indicated by the issuing CBP officer. The application form, and the corresponding supporting documents and photographs that accompany the Form 3078 is available at and will be mailed in a separate package to the US Postal Service, CBP headquarters or CBP Border Patrol Field Office nearest you. Why do I have to complete and submit my Form 3078, and why can't I use it to start an application already completed? The reason for the need for a separate application for a change of address is to provide for processing and processing times. To make sure the Form 3078 is timely submitted, you must provide it to the US Postal Service. Once the envelope has been received, it will be returned to you and the contents will be destroyed. If you use Form 3078 to start an application already completed, that application will not be processed. Are my tax returns required to be current and have an address on file? No. Once you have been fingerprinted, and receive a notice of a change of address, you do not need to register the change of address until you have registered your change of name as well. You can register by updating information at this Federal website: Is there an amount that must exceed the IRS threshold for a Form 1099 return? No. There is no maximum limit on the amount of information you may include on a Form 1099. However, you may not use more information than is required to comply with the filing obligation, and you may not include any information to which you have not been granted access by the IRS. Will the IRS consider income earned abroad or from sources outside the United States from income earned here from sources in the United States subject to U.S. tax under the FAR provisions? No. Income earned abroad or from sources outside the United States from income earned here is not subject to FAR reporting or FAR purposes. For more information, see Question #5 on pages 20-21. For more information on the FAR provisions, see.
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